Search Engine Optimization Startup Plan

Search Engine Optimization Startup Plan

Affordable website design for small business. Everything you need will be taken care of by a team of 24 website specialists. DIGITAL MARKETING SOLUTIONS has been in business since 1995 with a A+ rating by the BBB since 2003. You just can’t find a better deal with an experienced team like us.

Suitable for small businesses or startups

  1. Complete Website Audit (SEO, Usability, Performance, Social & Security Reports)
  2. Campaign Setup & Optimization
  3. Pages Optimized (15 pages)
  4. 15 Selected Keywords Targeting
  5. Keyword Research
  6. Keyword Grouping
  7. On-Page Optimization
  8. SEO Road Map
  9. Blog Creation
  10. Title Tag Optimization (15 titles)
  11. Meta Description Optimization (15 meta description)
  12. Meta Keyword Optimization (15 meta keywords)
  13. Domain Redirect Optimization (15 domain redirects)
  14. Xml Sitemap Optimization
  15. Robots.txt Check
  16. URL Rewrites (15 URL rewrites)
  17. Broken Link Report
  18. Rich Snippet Recommendations
  19. Breadcrumbs
  20. Initial Off-Page SEO
  21. SlideShare
  22. Link BuildingDirectory Submission
  23. Local Business Listings
  24. Social Media Linking
Most SEO agencies charge you regardless of results. With us, if we can’t improve your site, we don’t get paid and we do it ethically because there is no other way. There are so called “SEO experts” and they tried with all sorts of tricks to fool search engines to improve your website’s ranking, and sometimes it works. But this is very dangerous to your long-term ranking strategy. Your website may achieved the result your SEO agency promised you. However, if you ever got caught cheating, search engine like Google will penalize your website’s ranking like nowhere to be found. By then, your SEO vendor has been long gone with your money. So the keyword here is ethical SEO.

I hope that this article or video has helped you somewhat in answering the “What is included in Digital Marketing Solutions’ Search Engine Optimization Startup Plan” question. I will be covering the following questions on my next articles or videos.

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