How to create a successful SMS messaging campaign?

How to create a successful SMS messaging campaign?

There are many ways to deliver your message and got your customers’ attention but none work like a text message. Of course, there are pros and cons to it. But if you have a line to deliver and get our customer’s attention, SMS messaging is certainly second to none. The open rate is extremely high. Some studies show it’s as high as 95% compared to an average of 7% for email campaign. The problem here is that it’s not that easy to have all of your customer’s mobile phone numbers. Everyone can online and create an email account and then give it to you but most people only have one mobile number and it’s very sacred to them. If you are planning on using SMS as a way to reach to your customers, then you have to plan have to plan way ahead of time. 

For an example, if you run a nail salon business and you are planning on sending sms message to your customer on a weekly or monthly basis; then you need to have a way to collect and got their permission to send the sms message to them. Maybe you have a sign up sheet clearly stated that they will get a 5% discount for leaving their mobile phone with you because want to send them the 5% discount coming up next week? If you have a website, maybe it’s time to add another field called “mobile phone” and it’s required? There are many ways to collect them but always respect their permission. If they asked to be removed, then you must have a system where it’s automatically removed. Else, you will forget to remove them and if you have to do it manually; it would cost you so much time and effort. Some carrier services charged their customers for texting so you must be aware of this and let your customers know. Although most mobile phone carriers now days offer unlimited texting.

How we do it? Our system store these numbers in a database and once we created a message; we can schedule it to deliver them. Just one click for the entire database. If you wish to send it yourself one by one, then it’s okay but think of the time it would take you and how are you going to keep track of who got it? Who requested to be opted out? Etc.

The biggest down fall of sms messaging is their ability to send out a long message. This is where email campaign has the advantage edge over sms messaging. A few things to keep in mind when you wanted to create a successful SMS messaging campaign:
  1. Get Permission & Make Opt-out Clear.
  2. Know the Rules. ...
  3. Less is More. ...
  4. Timing Matters. ...
  5. Keep it Fun! ...
  6. Segment. ...
  7. Instill Urgency …
To take your text marketing campaign a step further, there are a tactic to keep in mind when you can undertake a SMS messaging campaign. These include:
  • Adhere to customer expectations.
  • Tempt and motivate.
  • Choose the right words.
  • Remain relevant.
  • Write concise messages.
  • Add short links.
  • Engage to build a relationship.
  • Consider triggered messages.
I hope that this article or video has helped you somewhat in answering the “How to create a successful SMS messaging campaign? If you have any questions, please contact Digital Marketing Solutions’s SMS Campaign.

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