How to create a successful Google PPC?

How to create a successful Google PPC?

If you have advertised with Google where you “paid to be found”, then you know the process is not that complicated. But let's first define what is Google PPC? It’s an abbreviation from Google “pay per click” or PPC. It simply means that you will be charged each time someone clicked on your ad. How much? Well, it depends on the amount you agreed with Google when you first set up the campaign. Here come the complexities. How much should you pay per click? Determining how much you should pay Google per click required a lot of evaluation and examination of your competitors independently from Google. I am talking about others who paid Google to be found on the same keywords or similar keywords as you are. It’s all come down to who is willing to pay to be on top of the others. So to know who is out there and who paid for what amount is the job that not everyone knows. Yes, within Google’s Adword system, it does give you an “estimate”. Remember, the word “estimate and I have been there and done that. Google will give you an estimate and this estimate is always for Google’s profit margin. You know what I meant and let leave it just that before this article is being banned.

This is when you need a company like Digital Marketing Solutions LLC or any other trusted digital marketing company to help you out. We have the software tools, and strategy to get you the biggest bang for your buck. It’s estimated that billions...with a Big B are being wasted each year by businesses running Google AdWord. Here is a classic example of money being wasted. Let's say you have the software and the services for this software. The software is penny auction and the website that you would like to bring people to is So you decided to use the following keywords such as “penny auction website, free penny auction site, best penny auction site, bidding on penny auction site, etc.” because these were the keywords suggested for you. You ran the ad months after months and it racked up thousands of clicks and you paid an average of $5 per click. You now can see how much you have to pay Google and none of this is Google’s fault because you were the one to set this up and Google engine just followed your setting. Even Though there are 5 thousand clicks on this ad (5k x $5 per click = 25k) but there are only ten people who actually contacted you via your website. So in this case, the cost per conversion is $2,500. 

It cost you $2,500 for each sales lead. This is an enormous amount to pay for ten sales leads. With this kind of money, you can see that you can better spend it elsewhere to get a much better result.

You now blamed Google for paying so much without much result. But Google is not the problem. The problem is with your campaign’s settings because most of those five thousand clicks were people who were looking for a penny auction website to bid on. They are the bidders looking for the penny auction site to bid on and not the people who are looking for penny auction software and services. In fact, you wasted these people’s time. They found you under those keywords and then clicked on it thinking that you are a website offering penny auction bidding and not the software and services you are trying to sell to those who wanted to set up a penny auction website. This is just a small example of ad money being wasted. There are tons of others that this brief article is not able to cover all. 

So What included in Digital Marketing Solutions’s Google PPC & Facebook Campaign? Here is just a shortlist:
  1. Keywords research and analysis
  2. Target market analysis
  3. Competitors’ analysis
  4. A marketing strategy roadmap
  5. Weekly report and campaign adjustment based on competitor analysis
  6. Landing page creation
I hope that this article or video has helped you somewhat in answering the question of how to create a successful Google PPC? If you have any questions, please contact the Digital Marketing Solutions’s Email Campaign.


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