How to subcontracting your search engine optimization works?

How to subcontracting your search engine optimization works by Phillip Nguyen, President of Digital Marketing Solutions LLC

INTRODUCTION.  From time to time, our team is so busy with other software development projects and we decided to outsource our SEO work to subcontractors. When our customers heard that we outsourced the work, they often got scared with all kind of suspicions. We completely understand the concerns. We would do the same if you are your shoes for good reasons. However, let us assure you that there is nothing to be scared or concerned about if you know how to find the right subcontractor(s), have the right terms and condition to protect yourself and knowing how to take control of it.

Let's start out with some interviewing questions, see below. If you need help understanding these questions, we can be reached at


  1. How long have your company been in this business? 
  2. How many staff do you have that specialize on SEO? 
  3. Will be able to provide us a list of your happy customers? 
  4. What software are you using to analyze or identify the SEO issues? 
  5. What included in your SEO analysis report? 
  6. What is the typical process or approach you will take to improve our site’s SEO ranking? 
  7. Do you offer content writing for SEO and how much per article for about 500-700 words? 
  8. Do you offer video production (quick video clips) and graphic design to accommodate those articles?
  9. Where do you post these articles and what would happen to them if one day we are no longer doing business with you? What do you do to make sure that our SEO efforts are in compliance with the “best practice” recommended by a search engine such as Google? 
  10. What, when, where and how can we track the ranking performance of our site? 
  11. What is your minimum contract duration or how many months? 
  12. What is the minimum monthly budget that you accept? 
  13. How do you feel if we do not want you to have direct access to our site or server but just help guide us what we have to do? 
  14. Do you make a promise to your clients of certain ranking result? 
  15. If not, why not? Why is or are the key advantage(s) of us using your company over the others? 
  16. Here is the domain name of our site, for an example,… 
  17. Here are the keywords we want to improve our ranking on “online auction software, auction software scripts, auction software company” Our typical client profiles are…” auction companies that want to go online” This product is B2B ( business to business) 


  1. No long term commitment so that you can terminate the service and save your hard earned money if they didn’t deliver what they promised you. I recommended month to month and the option to terminated after 3 months if you see no improvement. 
  2. You own the content. Any search engine article created on the behalf of your website is a “work for hired” and you own the content. Create a Google doc folder under your account and have them post these articles there so that you have control of it just in case you part way. 
  3. Permanent link back. Whatever link back they created for you, make sure that it’s permanent or at least you have control of it somehow. This to prevent that if you ever parted way, they don’t deactivate these links and negatively affected your site’s ranking. 
  4. White hat only. In the search engine optimization world, there is a white hat and black hat as it’s called. Make sure that whatever effort your subcontractor(s) do to improve the ranking of your site organically; they have to do it in an ethical way. Meaning there is no trick because there are plenty of tricks that people can use. Why? Because once Google or other search engines found out, they will penalize you for it and it will be very hard to reverse it. 
  5. Report. In your contract, you should clearly state that need a monthly report or a report of every two weeks to see the ups and downs your site’s ranking. You can also verify these ranking by creating a Google analytic account and confirm it yourself. It’s really a five minutes work. 

That’s all, for now, folks and hope this helps! If you have any question, we can be reached at  You can download this article via this link

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